Monday, May 16, 2011

Random idiocies from the GOP and the insane right and thoughts there upon.

It's been awhile, I know, but health issues really focus the mind on managing them. Sharing the human condition as we all do, you know that priorities need shift when intimations of mortality poke you with sharp reminders. Things are stable for the moment. Not resolved, but stable and under treatment.

Now for the good stuff.

Massachusetts Gain is Florida's Pain

First off, I want to thank the right wing GOP crazies-in Florida especially-and the national cohort generally; their ideology driven actions actually caused them to traitorously try to hurt the national economy for partisan gain. Disgusting.

You see Florida's GOP governor (with tea party support) canceled a high speed rail project which would have brought into Florida a couple billion dollars. This was done even though these billions would have immediately spawned thousands of jobs directly, with the projects predictable spin off economic benefits and job creation would amount to multiple billions.

The reasons given for turning down the money were the usual
hodgepodge of belt tightening, nit picking, trickle down mythology and thinly veiled scapegoating of public employees, racism and the vague but all encompassing menace of "gubbernment." Other governors have turned down this money too.

When it came time to mention the projects body of research and studies, each rejection came with the weak, weaselly refutations we expect Each and every study's data were interpreted in the darkest of tones. Studies where "overoptimistic in their projections of economic growth and cost.

The partisan goal, of course, it keep the economy from growing-no matter the suffering of the ordinary citizens. The goal is to be able to bash President Obama with the cry of "Where are the jobs!" It's disgusting.

It's disgusting and dangerous. The fact that an entire major political party, with all it's various and powerful supporters, is putting it's interests before the nations should arouse vibrant opposition. This is economic sabotage and, frankly, treasonous.

Progressives need to add things up. A sober look at the actions of GOP state legislatures coupled with Governors, Scott Walker, John Kesich, Rich Scott and the rest along with the GOP/Teaparty congress paints a picture of coordinated, destructive economic actions, actions for the benefit of the GOP at the expense of the nation.

None of this is illegal, but it shouldn't be surprising given the out of control status of our extremist right wing, and the history of the building of the rats nest of interlocking secular and religious interest groups that supply the gas that inflates the fact impervious bubble most of these people live in.

I think it should be called out for what it is. It's ideology and self interest above country.

The good news from this is that there's no shortage of Blue State governments that are tickled pink, and oh so happy to take that money.

Ultra Blue Massachusetts just got money to refurbish and reopen Boston area rail lines. Those construction jobs and job creating orders to local suppliers will help keep the states below level of unemployment. The job and wealth creation an active line will spur will last long after those construction jobs have ended.

Road Island got some unexpected cash to improve existing rail lines.

Some of that sun-kissed money is finding its way to chilly Illinois.

New York is getting some dosh.

Isn't it just lovely? There are more so go out and "Google" them.

The upshot of Florida (and other states) rejection of these, lets face it directly, stimulus monies is that the Blue States, who are not chary of "gubberment" dictates will benefit to the degree that they will maintain their economic advantage. This advantage will only increase exponentially due to these expenditures.

This is another thing that Progressives should seize upon. Bringing these monies into our sphere can only strengthen our position-especially with the struggling working class.

Why don't we have the courage to point out that, relatively, Blue State economies, embracing a more active government role, are on the whole doing much better than those strictly adhering to a fanatical ideology.

I'm glad we're taking this money. My neighbors can use the help.

It is too bad that some of your neighbors will suffer because of the policies, attitudes and actions of the right and the GOP.

Advertising Progressivism's successes is sorely missing from the contemporary scene. Artfully done, it will reach people we've long ignored.

Let's find ways to celebrate our successes highlighting its benefits, especially to ordinary working people while engendering their trust that we'll deal with the deficit with them in mind.

Let's make it better.