Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Them Marrying Gays"

You can share this with anyone you like, just leave the copyright and name as we all like recognition for our efforts and, er, should anyone not notice, this is a parody.

Sing to the tune of the "Gary Owen" also known as “Custer's 7th Cavalry Theme” (How wonderfully apt!)

"Them Marrying Gays" Copyright 2009 Old Pinko

"The Factory’s closing and moving away

The jobs are all gone way south to stay

I’ll be losing my home in a couple of days

But at least I’m protected from them marrying gays!

Got son’s in Iraq for the fifteenth time round

And a daughter with kids lives in a hole in the ground

My mother eats dog food on most of the days,

But at least I’m protected from those marrying gays!

I worship Jesus, it’s right on my arm,

and if you don’t salute, you'll come to great harm,

I love my Lord Jesus. Bless His Sweet Breath.

And if you disagree well we’ll stomp you to death.

I love my country with my heart of hearts

And believe in the Bible-except the soft parts

Pat Robertson’s club’s on the TV all day

Telling me I’m protected from those marrying gays!"

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Republican Sex (and other) Crimes and Criminals! Read All About IT!

There's been almost four decades of Right Wing Bull Sh*t about their "Moral Values" and almost four decades worth of ample proof that it is just that: Right Wing Bull Sh*t.

The latest paragon to admit being less than the Godly Superman advertised is John Ensign (R. NV) who admitted to an extramarital affair with a staffer.

Not being a sexually repressed person myself, I don't think that private, non-criminal sexual actions belong on the front page-unless they expose the public hypocrisy of the perpetrator as in this case.

This clown voted to impeach Clinton for what he now admits to doing. Then again, so did Newt Gingrich, Henry Hyde and a "Heavenly" host of these pygmies.

Still, extramarital affairs have no party label. John Edwards disgraced himself while running for the Presidency and a search throughout history will turn up many others of many parties.

However, for crime, the "modern" GOP seems to be pushing for the "All Time Champions" trophy.

Let's look at a few, somewhat overlapping, lists.

GOP sex crimes?

Go here:

GOP graft?

Go here:

And to become overwhelmed with perfidy, go here and here and here and here.

There are lots more lists out there about these people including those showing their cowardice regarding military service.

A full listing of their manifest culpability in bringing on The Second GOP Depression will have to wait.

First GOP Depression.

However for a discussion of their dishonesty since the election go here.

Have a good day and I hope the following amuse.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thoughts on torture.

Nothing is more stirring than watching American troops liberating people from tyranny’s yoke in the film record of World War's One, Two and in Korea.

(Even in the open sore that was Vietnam, our troops were most often greeted with more friendliness than those of either of the other combatants.)

Showers of flowers, hugs and kisses greeted them everywhere.

This was because they’d chased the people who tortured out of town. They weren’t just bringing in new ones.

The pride our veterans have in this universal recognition of their decency is well deserved.

Over the years, while the US did build up a reserve of hatred for supporting every brutal and corrupt dictator, king, and “President for Life” anti communist it could find, even the most oppressed peoples knew that when our military was around, no war crimes were going to be committed.

Not any more. Thanks to conservatism with it’s built in lust for absolute authority.

There is never a “ticking time bomb” scenario either. Terrorists usually only know of the one plot they’re involved in-and not much of that one either.

Even if there were a ticking time bomb, the enemy who had the knowledge of it would just lie until it went off. They'd be giving up all sorts of addresses in Des Moines right up until Buffalo blows up.

Also, as Americans, many of us would rather take this risk then become vile, evil thugs who torture. We’d rather die than become them.

Until Bush, until the GOP, until conservatives and conservatism showed their true colors as incompetent, cowardly, lying Anti-American thugs.

After all the psychotic shifting of rationales for their pre and post 9/11 crimes up to and including the crime of attacking Iraq, the conservatives and their media sycophants have finally come up with one that at least sparks of truth: cowardice and panic.

The Chicken Hawks admit that they were wetting their pants, and flailed about wildly trying to hide their abject failure to prevent 9/11 and ignorance about how to react. They were terrified,

But we now know that they’re still lying about why they tortured. As true as the admission that they were cowardly incompetent fools is, they were also criminals in that they tortured only to make their false case for the completely unneeded war on Iraq.

This, at bottom, fundamentally is about pride. Being proud of the actions of our past veterans in liberating people from tyranny, inspires a deep, abiding desire to be among their numbers.

As Americans we always were deeply proud of our conduct during war. The conduct that provoked those flowers, hugs, bottles and kisses. It’s our deepest hope that we’ll always be that kind of America and Americans.

We were always proud, until Bush and the GOP defined us as the torturers, the ones people are afraid of when we show up.

We will reap the bitter harvest for these anti American people and acts for a long, long time.

They should be held to account.

They should be sent to prison.

There’s a project whose fruition will restore our pride in ourselves for removing tyrants, thugs and oppressors and then punishing them.

Let’s do it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Right wing terrorism spree-NO film at eleven.

Well, friends, today this Conservative, James W. von Brunn (No doubt "a man of deep, deep faith”) has fired on the Holocaust Museum killing at least one, just after Scott P. Roeder assassinated women’s health Dr George Tiller while he was in church!

Meanwhile, remember how Janet Napolitano apologized for the DHS report on right wing extremism after being hammered relentlessly by the Limbaughs and Hannitys. How long before right wing talkers try to blame liberals for even mentioning their hate speech?

Sure, the despicable attack on a military recruiter in Little Rock Arkansas was done by someone converted to Islam. We must always remember, however, that the Muslims we’re fighting are the right wingers of that religion.

Then again,what do you know: Yet another shooting of police officers by an angry and paranoid man with a military background. And just like the last one, this one believed Obama was going to come get his guns.

Will this be treated as Terrorism by the Conservative controlled media? Hell no!

We'll get more Chris Matthews, who tonight had to screech his loud way back to Lee Harvey Oswald over and over as a "man of the left" in a clumsy attempt to cobble together a variant of the "moral equivalence" nonsense it's mandatory for the media to trot out.

If you're listening for any regrets being expressed by those who's hate inspiring public rants against Liberals encourage these terrorists? Well that vast, cold, empty non-sound you hear is the sound of their souls.

Life is sacred to these people? Remember, to them, when life is sacred, life is cheap.