Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Child

Why isn't the mainstream media focusing on this domestic terrorist?

Could it be they're in the pockets of rich people who really profit from right wing extremists? Hay, just asking.

Now, let's talk about election fraud around the country,
real election fraud.

New Mexico

"ACLU Calls for Criminal Investigation of Bernalillo County Clerk's Office, GOP"
(Somehow, just
somehow, the County Clerk's office seems to have given the GOP voter registration info in violation of the law. Golly Gosh, Golly!)


"New Voters Under Siege: Ohio Exemplifies National Voting Rights" (Boy, you
know they'd just love to steal Ohio-again.) Link:


In Wisconsin, Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi ruled that Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, a Republican and McCain-Palin campaign co-chair, did not have the legal authority to bring a suit demanding the state's election board re-certify thousands of registrations before Election Day if they did not match other government databases.


In Nevada, Secretary of State Ross Miller has rejected an assertion by the state's Republican Party Chair Sue Lowden that voters should not be able to correct voter registration information at polling places.



On the database matching issue, the Pennsylvania Republican Party has also filed a suit seeking to have 'no-match' registrations treated differently.

North Carolina
McCain/Palin Supporters Slash Tires and Heckle Early Voters in North Carolina.


Link to video:

There's a chuckle's load of states out there that the GOP has to mess with this time around. After what they've done to the country since St. Reagan is it any wonder? Soon they'll have to try to suppress the vote in Indiana.

Here's some general roundups on their skulduggery hither and yon.


For our closing offering, I was going to offer this bit of chum from one of the GOP's Army of Thugs mocking Obama's visit to "Grandma."

However, a Peach of a Possibility is much sweeter . . .
"Obama Winning Georgia?"
(Link? Link found at the end like all good sweets. Don't rush! You have to watch the Zombie first!)

Now, eat a Peach.

Good night.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Sunday Message about Forgiveness and Love.

Dear Friends:

I wanted to save this for today. Sunday's my faith's worship day. We are reminded of God's mercy and forgiveness towards those who sin. We are asked to consider before we throw the first stone.

However . . . ?

What of the sin of stone throwing? What of gross hypocritical stone throwers?

People like, say, Sarah Palin?

Screw em!

She's GUILTY! Guilty as sin! Guilty! Guilty!
Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! GUILTY!!

She's landed herself a BIG STINKER, yet, she's still psychotically lying about it.

Oh, by the way, she's guilty.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More on "Funny Money." No, Virginia, it wasn't poor people who caused this mess.


Well, Blessed Leader spoke to us yesterday telling us he's directly involved and hard at work solving our economic problems. I wonder how little the markets would have fallen had he not spoken?

Let's look some more at why we're really in this fix. (HINT: Nineteen Twenties Economics.)

From Alternet:
"The Woman Who Could Have Prevented This Financial Mess Was Silenced by Greenspan, Rubin and Summers" by Katrina vanden Heuvel

Our Heros, eh? Well, these boys just love swashbuckling around with other people's money-most notably ours.

Then there's derivatives. Those things, under differing names, had a role in the market crash of Nineteen Twenty Nine, so FDR and the Democrats wisely regulated them.

The GOP hated this, so when new types of derivatives where invented, they pushed to make them totally deregulated! Free Market Fundamentalism! YAY!

Let's look at the massive poop they've heaped upon us.

From "Fortune"
"The $55 Trillion Question" by Nicholas Varchaver and Katie Benner
Will Credit Default Swaps be the Next Financial Crisis? (As if it were separate from this one!)

Jolly huh?

Then there's this from the Wall Street Journal:
"The GOP Peddles Economic Snake Oil
Suddenly Republicans are against market values?"
by Thomas Frank

Well, have a good day anyway, and remember we already have FDR's model we can modernize to help us out of this.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Voluntary Regulation a failure. What a shocker!

Hello there!

Well, it looks like Obama's cruising towards a comfortable win along with the Democrats in general.

Good! It's time we buried the Greedy Oligarchy Party for a couple of centuries.

Let's go see what some other people have to say about things, shall we?

The "Magic of Voluntary Regulation!" (The GOP solution to, well, just everything!)

"SEC Chief: Voluntary Regulation A Failure."
Link and Link and

"Voluntary regulation was the genius idea of a Republican administration and a Republican congress. Just remember that."
Link and . . .

Just one more link
"Shocker! Voluntary Regulation by Financial Industry Doesn't Work!"

Let's bury this idea forever, shall we? What sane person says out loud that the only neighborhood in the world that doesn't need policing is the business beat? That the only people in the world who don't cheat, steal or act venally are businesspeople?

"America's Most Wanted" anyone?

FDR established a regulatory system that worked for nearly seventy years. Then, Reagan came in and the GOP era of Grand Theft Taxpayers began; culminating right now.

It's "Mourning in America" truly.

We do know how to fix the economy. We've done it before. We, being Democrats, of course. Remember, forever, Republicans cause th ese things, Democrats fix these things.

Well, now I'm going to go back to watching my money evaporate.

Hay! I think our waitress just winked at us!