Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rod Blagojevich the big Ho Hum and Other Mean Things.

Let's face it, the Rod Blagojevich media circus is the Nicole Smith circus of the political world.

Frankly, who cares? The guy's allegedly a crook who abused his office.

He got impeached for this and for other long standing issues. So?

We've found monumental crooks all over the financial, banking and business world, yet we focus on this pathetic side show?

It only shows you that the media can always be counted on to try to shift our attention onto a chump change side show-with a Democrat in it.

This instead of keeping their eyes on the mega crooks who've driven us into this ditch while still self righteously paying themselves bonuses while still asking us for some more no-strings attached dole continue to abuse.

Shameful, but typical.

As for the Republicans opposing, in Zombie fashion the stimulus package that President Obama bent too far over backwards to make pleasing in your eyes, the party's over boys.

The jig is up.

Let me get this straight, it's the Democrats fault that the Republicans let the Republicans steal all the money and if the Democrats try to stop the Republicans from stealing even more money, the Republicans say it will lead to the Republicans being able to steal even more money?

Is that what you're telling me Mr. McConnell?

Well, bunky, I ain't buying it, and neither is anyone else anymore.

Goodnight to right wing solutions and "bipartisanship" that means we bend over and hike up our skirts.

We gave you a chance to help, you refused. Now, get out of the damn way!

Chris Matthews once again.

This is going to be a short one that may be followed by another post, but this just needs to stand alone.

Chris Matthews once again showed tonight that he is a complete zit.

Throughout tonight's program, he pretended not to know the difference between campaign contributions from individuals and groups who like your stances, and a quid pro quo..

It was so insulting to watch. Of course, guest after guest. Much more intelligent than Matthews never sought to school the screamer in this easy to understand distinction.

If you stand for working people, worker's rights, woman's gay, disabled and minority rights, the people interested in supporting them too will send you money. Just like the NRA, The Business Roundtable, the Chamber of Commerce, Eagle Forum, Right to Life groups and others and right wing billionaires will send money to Conservative Republicans.

However, when you say-no matter what party-that you will or will not vote for something contingent on getting a contribution, home repairs, a blow job or anything else, it's a crime.

Our Hero Chris, though, the one who deigns to lecture any and everyone who he decides to scream at, pretended to not be able to discern this simple difference.


He also had the nerve to ask an Illinois legislator "How can a guy this smart get into a situation like this!" This question in the face of the entire Wall Street, Chicago Boy Economics club, Trickle Down, Investor Class, "Cream of the Crop" looting the economy and paying themselves bonus's to do so?

It's no longer a question of what planet he comes from, it's what galaxy.

It's still called "Hardball" too.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Grand Obstructionist Poltroons GOP forever at it.

Here we go forever again. Conservatives have only a few ideas-bad ideas that they are forever wedded to and that only benefit the same greedy few people they are forever indebted too.

Frankly, I'm already sick to death of "
bipartisanship." Screw bipartisanship.

Conservatives can only dig holes for other people's lives and then bury them, making a buck each way.

Since Reagan was elected in 1980, we've battened them, fattened them, wined and dined them on tax cut after every conceivable kind of tax cut.

An orgy of Conservative tax cuts and savage deregulation has brought us to this low estate, yet-ever and forever-they cry out for "MORE!"

Like an an army of antithetical Oliver Twists, bowls ever in hand, elbowing their way to the front of the line-
again, they want "more, more, ever MORE!"

John Boehner ( R-Obstructionist) has announced his opposition to Obama's stimulus plan-even though it's overloaded with more ineffective business tax breaks. "MORE!" Boehner wants, and says his band of zombies will obstruct in lock step until they get "MORE!"

Sen. Senile McCain says the major flaw in the stimulus plan is that it was written by the majority party.(You know, the one's who won the election based on the public comparing GOP solutions to the economy-and everything else-versus the Democrat's solutions!!?) and doesn't have "MORE!"

Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same destructive, stupid thing over and over while expecting a different result?

Bipartisanship? Sick of it yet?

There is no pay off for the American People in
bipartisanship unless it is to discredit the Conservatives forever.

We need a New New Deal here. Not only in it's orientation but in it's single minded burial of the ideas that brought them their and us our current misery. Our current misery with more misery to come.

The New Dealers not only ushered in an era of unprecedented financial security and economic expansion, but also cemented in the general public the knowledge that Conservatism and unregulated capitalism is a recipe for the kind of disaster we're in now.

Sure, let's try to peal off the Ladies from Maine and the Great, Cowardly Blowhard from Pennsylvania, but beyond that, why bother placating knuckleheads?

Some more evidence of obstructionism:

"Clyburn on GOP Stimulus Opposition: We Won, Now Move On"

" . . . Democrats are scoffing at some of the demands of their Republican brethren."


"Limbaugh and Hannity, the True Faces of Conservatism: Impotent, Irrelevant."

Since the Republican Conference of the U.S. House of Representatives is largely made up of individuals who believe their party lost the 2008 elections because they did not run far enough to the right, it is not surprising that their leaders are now attempting to block efforts to clean up the mess their far right philosophy created. There appears to be no factoid or morsel of misinformation they are unwilling to utilize to make the case to do nothing other than provide still more tax cuts to their business friends."

Last but not least, we must remember that to Conservatives bipartisanship means you pay for the meal and they still get to rape your daughter.

"Obama's Right Wing Dinner Friends Rip His Stimulus Package: Worst Bill In 'Galactic History'"
Several days before taking office, President Obama traveled to George Will’s home to dine with a handful of conservative media elites. The beltway conventional wisdom suggested that Obama’s aim was to “neutralize potential adversaries” by way of a “charm offensive.” After the dinner, Bill Kristol explained on Fox and Friends that while “no one’s mind was changed,” he would “end up supporting [Obama] on some things.” Charles Krauthammer joked about Obama’s apparent goals, “I am brainwashed entirely. I’m in the tank.”

Just one week later, Obama’s right-wing acquaintances have already shown the futility of engaging in a good-faith dialogue with them. While Obama pushes his vision for the economic recovery package — his first real battle against the conservative establishment — the dinner’s attendees are on a no-holds-barred offensive against it:

Let's bury these creeps. We did win, or did I forget something?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let's look around some more, shall we?

Good day folks!

We are in the first blush of a new, legal administration and the landscape is rapidly changing for the better. It should be fun to look around to see what we can find of interest that reflects this or the foot dragging of the right wing nuts.

In no particular order, we have . . .

Hay, "Mortgage Ads are puffery" didn't you know?
Of course ads are puffery and you shouldn't believe what you read or watch or hear on the radio or TV from Corporations that took Billions from us to restart the financial system. You're just stupid if you believe them.

With that out of the way . . .

Obama Should Act Like He Won


Then there's the latest gift to the nation from Texas Sen. John Cronyism
"Watch Out for John Cornyn: He's the New GOP Elephant in the China Shop"

( OK so I really don't have the text size thing down yet! I'm trying though. )

Now, to continue, here's a big fat non-surprise!

GOP attack machine Kicks Into Gear!

Well, that is enough for now. I'm sure you can come up with many that are better so have a good day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Legitimate Government Once Again.

I just finished watching our first President since 2000 take the oath of office.

Ah! Finally an freely elected legitimate government.

It will admittedly take many baths to get the stench off, but-with effort-we'll be able to overcome and thrive again.

Goodbye you thieving, incompetent bums!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bush the Lie.

I watched Bush’s farewell speech. Just to fulfill my worst expectations of him, I watched Bush’s last attempt to bully or bullshit us all into thinking he’s anything near being a competent human.

Self satisfied frat boy to the end, surrounded by the cabana boys and umbrella girls who toadied up to and milked him at everyone else' expense since their days as the second best children of the reactionary power elite idly waiting assignment to yet another family show job, Bush smugly recounted his "success's" and "steadfastness" not realizing that the country had long ago gotten over his confusion of glossy photo ops and churlish stubbornness.for actual achievements.

George Bush, unprosecuted, unpunished, unrepentant and totally unaware of his dumblatude and stupidicide-to use words he might grasp-will sail off on the oil of his own unexamined hubris to bask in the shiny accolades given freely by that same small circle of those he fattened at great cost to the rest of the world.

It is not so much that Bush lies, and lies a lot; it is that he is a lie, completely self sufficient compartmentalized, fiction swaddled from infancy by the money, effort and misery of others.

An afterlife will have to be called up to envision any just reckoning for such inhumane indifference to others.

History too will have it’s say; pity though, we all know he’s too lazy to read it and too dull to comprehend it.

Good riddance.
Ms. Huffington agrees.

"Thursday night's valedictory speech was quintessential Bush: delusional from beginning to end."
Who's Gonna Build Your Wall by Tom Russell

In closing, we all must remember that Republican Conservatives never, ever change.

Here's a little ditty from the last Conservative Republican Great Depression to remind us.

"America Ain’t America Any More (1937)
Lyrics by Leo Rifkin, Dave Shaw and Frank Tarloff
Music by Jennie Fogel

America ain’t America any more.
That’s what this committee’s meeting for.
The foreigners from the other side are driving us to ruin.
We’d better be more careful or they’ll own the country soon.
What used to be a melting pot is now an old spittoon –
America ain’t America any more.

It started back in 1776 –
We lost the country to the Bolsheviks.
It wasn’t quite so bad then, considering how things went.
We had our Huey Longs and they were really heaven sent.
But ever since a certain guy became the president,
America ain’t America any more.


If you see un-Americans
Snooping far and near –
Just Alkalize with Martin Dies
And they will disappear.
Yes, Alkalize with Martin Dies
And they will disappear.


This country’s really getting out of joint.
The WPA’s* a case in point.
The “W’s” for the wagrants whom we have wined and dined.
The “A” is for the aliens who should have stayed behind.
The “P”?
The “P” must stand for something, but it somehow slips my mind.
America ain’t America any more.

Repeat Interlude

America ain’t America any more.
Communism’s knocking at our door. (Knock, knock)
You’ll find them in he AFL and in he CIO –
They might turn up in any place, just where you’ll never know.
And Karl Marx has three brothers doing work for RKO!
America ain’t America any more.

Repeat Interlude"
Good night. It's only four more days 'till we de-schmuck the country.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What do you mean there's no one to blame?

January 20th can't come soon enough for most people.

I find myself wondering at the niceness and concern being shown to conservatives and Republicans during this time, but someone pointed out that no one wants to set Bush off on any world destroying tantrums while he still has the power to make us all suffer.

With that, let's take a stroll around and see what we can find.

Unfinished business
by Gene Lyons


No sensible person wants to see the United States become the kind of country
where "regime change" means flinging the party out of power into dungeons.

That said, it's nothing short of pathetic to observe pundits who urged Clinton's impeachment for lying about a private sexual matter rending their garments over the prospect of holding Bush administration insiders responsible for war crimes including kidnapping, torture and even murder.

Excuse me, make that "extraordinary rendition," "enhanced interrogation" and a series of regrettable accidents. Or something. Even the Bush administration seems not to have invented a bureaucratic euphemism for prisoners found beaten to death in solitary confinement. -----

Hypocrisy From the Party of Pork
by Joe Conason


As the government contemplates spending very large sums of money, it is reassuring to know that somebody still worries about waste. Or it would be reassuring, if only that somebody were not Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, who promises that he and his fellow Republicans
will "protect taxpayers against the rush to spend their money."

This loud pledge of thrift and transparency by the GOP leadership might be more persuasive coming from people who had displayed such inclinations anytime before last year's election. But these are the same politicians who squandered astronomical amounts when they controlled the federal budget.

And today, at a moment when economists of all stripes agree that we must spend big and spend fast to forestall a depression, the timing of the Republican conversion is as dubious as its credibility.
To delay the Obama stimulus spending for the sake of partisan posturing is to risk disaster.

The Republicans' sudden reversion to the solemn frugality of their forebears would be amusing were it not so dangerous. Having established a record over the past decade or so as the wildest wastrels in the nation's history, they now present themselves as straight-laced accountants who
simply cannot abide a misspent dime.

Can Labor Revive the American Dream?

By Esther Kaplan


The financial markets are in tatters, consumer spending is anemic and the recession continues to deepen, but corporate America is keeping its eyes on the prize: crushing organized labor. The Center for Union Facts, a business front group, has taken out full-page ads in newspapers linking SEIU president Andy Stern to the Rod Blagojevich scandal. The Chamber of Commerce is capitalizing on the debate over the Big Three bailout to claim that "unions drove the auto companies off the cliff," while minority leader Mitch McConnell and other Republican senators insist on steep wage cuts. A December 10 Republican strategy memo revealed their central obsession: "Republicans should stand firm and take their first shot against organized labor," the memo read. "This is a precursor to card check"--a clear reference to the Employee Free Choice Act.
Incoming Democrats to put a stop to GOP greed and theft of bailout money.


By Caren Bohan and David Lawder
Washington - President-elect Barack Obama and a key Democratic lawmaker revealed plans on Friday to overhaul the government's $700 billion financial rescue fund as a way to aid struggling homeowners and speed the flow of credit.
U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, said he was planning to require money be devoted to housing. Aides said Frank's legislation, which would also tighten restrictions on the use of TARP funds by recipients, would demand about $40 billion for foreclosure relief.
Frank's bill lays out some key conditions for the program.

These require the Treasury to develop foreclosure relief plans for owner-occupied homes by March 15 and start committing TARP funds to it by April 1. The plans can include government guarantees for modified loans, paying down second liens and outright loan purchases to bring down payments.

The measure also would toughen executive compensation rules and make some of them retroactive for banks that have already received funds.

"If they don't like it, they can give the money back," Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat, told reporters on Capitol Hill.


I like Baryey Frank!