Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chris the screamer screams..


Chris "The Screamer" Matthews asked the same awfully stupid question over and over again ju on "Flaccid Ball" his show on MSGOP.

He asked if the Democrats and Obama are attacking McCain on his age by saying he's "confused, out of touch, lost his bearings" and other comments about his idiotic statements about Iraq and economic and most other issues.

The poor guy from the Democrat's replied reasonably, over and over and over again, to the effect that McCain's statements-even if made by a 22 year old-would merit the same exact language.

As usual Hissy Matthews screamed the same idiocy higher and higher as if a sex change operation were being preformed right under the table!

I swear one day he's going to scream so loud and high pitched that he'll turn into Ann Coulter right then and there!


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