Thursday, October 9, 2008

Voluntary Regulation a failure. What a shocker!

Hello there!

Well, it looks like Obama's cruising towards a comfortable win along with the Democrats in general.

Good! It's time we buried the Greedy Oligarchy Party for a couple of centuries.

Let's go see what some other people have to say about things, shall we?

The "Magic of Voluntary Regulation!" (The GOP solution to, well, just everything!)

"SEC Chief: Voluntary Regulation A Failure."
Link and Link and

"Voluntary regulation was the genius idea of a Republican administration and a Republican congress. Just remember that."
Link and . . .

Just one more link
"Shocker! Voluntary Regulation by Financial Industry Doesn't Work!"

Let's bury this idea forever, shall we? What sane person says out loud that the only neighborhood in the world that doesn't need policing is the business beat? That the only people in the world who don't cheat, steal or act venally are businesspeople?

"America's Most Wanted" anyone?

FDR established a regulatory system that worked for nearly seventy years. Then, Reagan came in and the GOP era of Grand Theft Taxpayers began; culminating right now.

It's "Mourning in America" truly.

We do know how to fix the economy. We've done it before. We, being Democrats, of course. Remember, forever, Republicans cause th ese things, Democrats fix these things.

Well, now I'm going to go back to watching my money evaporate.

Hay! I think our waitress just winked at us!

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