Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chris Matthews again!

Welcome friends!

After viewing President Obama eloquently defending and promoting the stimulus and recovery plan in strong and cogent terms, Chris Matthews tonight had the nerve to ask Lawrence O'Donnell "what's this deal with the Teleprompter?" Implying sneeringly that it is somehow radically exceptional that President Obama needs one to more effectively communicate!

When, when-in the long stygian nightmare of the last eight years, did Matthews ever even mildly mock Bush's use of sorely needed speaking aides? Master reader Reagan? Anyone? And, what's that he's reading from anyway?

Disgusting but typical.

Then, then he again shrilly advances his latest menopausal obsession. Get this! He's been pushing this for several days now!

"That Obama and Biden's pick of Pittsburgh over Arizona in the Superbowl was a coldly partisan move because the Democrats will never carry Arizona! They were sending a message, see.

He intruded this in several conversations with actual adults.

Of course, no one braced him on all his sillyness.

Yes, it's still called "Hardball!"

'Ain't life wonderful?

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