Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Them Marrying Gays"

You can share this with anyone you like, just leave the copyright and name as we all like recognition for our efforts and, er, should anyone not notice, this is a parody.

Sing to the tune of the "Gary Owen" also known as “Custer's 7th Cavalry Theme” (How wonderfully apt!)

"Them Marrying Gays" Copyright 2009 Old Pinko

"The Factory’s closing and moving away

The jobs are all gone way south to stay

I’ll be losing my home in a couple of days

But at least I’m protected from them marrying gays!

Got son’s in Iraq for the fifteenth time round

And a daughter with kids lives in a hole in the ground

My mother eats dog food on most of the days,

But at least I’m protected from those marrying gays!

I worship Jesus, it’s right on my arm,

and if you don’t salute, you'll come to great harm,

I love my Lord Jesus. Bless His Sweet Breath.

And if you disagree well we’ll stomp you to death.

I love my country with my heart of hearts

And believe in the Bible-except the soft parts

Pat Robertson’s club’s on the TV all day

Telling me I’m protected from those marrying gays!"

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