Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Night: John McCain decides he can come out and play with the big kids.

Howdy Folks:
Well, well, John McCain single handedly sunk the recovery plan that the Democrats had wrested from Bush and his cronies.

Of course, it's utterly awful that we have to do this at all. However, Progressives warned about the consequences of lax regulation before regulations became lax. Sorry, that's the "I told you so."
Under the Democratic plan, at least, we-the taxpayers-would actually own the things we had to buy from the idiots, crooks and weasels who played in the deregulated cesspool free market fundamentalist GOP policies fostered.
But now, the wonderful GOP congressfolks have come up with the idea that instead of buying them-with the possibility of selling them later at a profit-we, the same taxpayers, should insure them, so that if they sell for more, we don't get more and if they sell for less we lose and if they don't sell at all we lose! Brilliant, no?
Not only that, but the very same idiots, crooks and weasles would be the very same ones we'd have to deal with again! Thus they'd have made billions on the upside and would be able to make billions more on the downside!

Included with the GOP "plan" were even more tax breaks for Corporate America and even more deregulation. Deregulation!
You gotta love these people.
I don't think the American people are going to fall for it this time. They know that insuring the risk of bad assets is what got us into this and that actually owning the assetts is better as housing and other solid assetts eventually will always rise in value.
Republicans have gotten used to fooling Americans with gimmics and false issues like Sarah Palin and Gay marriage.
This should not be called a "bailout" but a "buyout" of these things. Provisions should be put in so that no fat cats benefit from this to the greatest degree possible.
Also, an steel clad commitment to a return to a real strong regulatory system with reinactment of some of the New Deal regulations that kept the system safe for sixty years must be put into the heart of any deal.
However, when even George F. Will says John McCain isn't fit to be President, you know that the Fat Lady is warming up in the wings.

Then again, I'm disappointed in Obama's performance so far. He needs to go for the kill.

We are just minutes before the first debate, and there's, let's be real, there's just so much there to kill with.

Never having run for chess club council, I alone can come up with several fatal hammering series of questions on any number of topics. Delivered with gusto, Obama should be able to cook him and serve him up.

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