Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate thoughts.

It's started.

Obama isn't going for the kill!

McCain, so far, is doing all the work of battering himself!

Obama, so far, will not tag McCain for his actual votes!

Dear Lord! What is wrong with this man!

missing chances to tag McCain with his own record time after time.

The opening five minutes were Obama's best chance to gut him.

Now it's the damn earmarks "issue."

OK, I see the problem. Obama just doesn't realize yet that he's not debating in the Senate.

Finally! One tag! He tagged McCain with his voting record one time on . . . what was that. Darn! It's gone, and will have to wait for the replay's.

At least McCain is sounding like a broken record of Hoover.

Ah, well, now McCain is just lying and rambling!

He mentioned Palin! That's wonderful.

Obama doesn't tag McCain with the fact that Iraq's Prime Minister and Bush agreed on a Timetable for us to leave.

McCain's doing a long warm and fuzzy, "Grampa's was in the War you know, political commercial. That's his stock answer.

Once it got going, there were some good shots from Obama and he scored some points. He was also very "Presidential" while McCain looked like a surly grump looking to start fights everywhere.

It's over!

No knock outs. Thus, McCain loses.

Now the media will gently take McCain apart.

Chris Matthews is an idiot! He focus's only on the atmospherics. So does Andrea (Greenspan) Mitchell.

Pat Buchanan is just totally useless. McCain could have expired on the stage and Buchanan would say "McCain decisively won over the Reagan Democrats" by the impact and noise of his fall-especially in Pennsylvania."

Everybody is saying that McCain won! This is totally on the atmospherics! The barroom brawl aspects.

(You can guess by now which cable channel I'm watching.)

They credit McCain's repetition, lying, rudeness and rambling as

Even Harold Ford Jr. is saying McCain won! Arrgh!

Now, let's see if the media is completely wrong and will cover themselves.

Me? It's clear to me. I think Obama wins on the trickle down and after a while, it will be remembered as a big win for Obama.

Now the media is completely changing it's tune! Of course Obama won.

Chris Matthews has totally changed his "mind" within a couple of minutes.

Now that the first polls are in, he's seemingly "always" said Obama won. Mirabile dictu, now that's what they all seem to be saying they said. Except Buchanan, but he was for Stephen Douglas in
those debates.

(And, then again, there's always the rematch.)

And, tomorrow, the heavy polls continue. . .but for right before bed . . . it's Olbermann to the rescue!

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