Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thank Whoever Runs The Nuthouse!

Well, surprise surprise! I must say I am deeply grateful to George W. Bush!

I never thought I'd ever say that! However after research I've fully understood that it was Bush who stopped Dick Cheney and John Yoo's attempt to use active military troops to arrest people on US soil in complete violation of the Constitution and the Posse Comitatus act-just to see if they could get away with it!

Why Bush did this is immaterial to me. However, when he did this, the climate in the country was rife with fear. Fear mostly stoked by Bush himself and his numerous media and other allies along with a supine Congress eager to shower more powers on our "War President."

That he did it is enough, because they could most likely have gotten away with it.

Thanks George. That's exactly one.

Jim Bunning leaving the Senate will open another opportunity for Democrats, but not a very good one. Kentucky's still a hard row to hoe for the Blues. Still, I can dream.

Nice to see all that lovely Red infighting spreading further out and out. As Chris Matthews would say: "Sends a shiver up my leg!"

Sarah Palin has finally quit quitting and has quit those oh so tedious duties, details and meetings that she oh so ardently promised the people of Alaska to ""Faithfully Carry Out and Execute." And, still, some will applaud wildly.

Let's call this "The Weathergirl's Revenge" for a great play on several concepts. Ted Baxter in a dress also comes into play.

She's obviously channeling Spiro Agnew. Agnew and a real long line of right wing demagogues.

Scripted, they’re just Jim Dandy. Alone, the current version’s no Spiro Agnew.

I remember Spiro Agnew. I cut my teeth on Spiro Agnew.

Spiro Agnew, no matter what you thought of him, knew a fair amount of policy. Before he was Vice President, he was the Governor (crooked it turns out) of Maryland. He was considered a Moderate Republican at the time. He knew both domestic and foreign policy even if you didn’t like his conclusions.

Sarah Palin doesn’t know either and doesn’t want too. She’s too lazy for that.

She knows she’ll be welcomed into the Right Wing Echo Chamber and make millions from the shrinking red meat base the Republican Party is inextricably enmeshed with without ever having to seriously bone up on policy, or economics, or science, or facts of any kind for that matter.

She can always go to any number of Right Wing “Think Tanks” for pre-packaged opinions, advisers, staff, “opinion leaders” and paid opinion followers to back her up.

They don’t call it an “Echo Chamber” for nothing. The Right’s been building it up at least since Goldwater’s defeat by the sane in nineteen sixty four.

She sure can still run again and get the GOP nomination next time.

She’s mastered Spiro’s vitriolic style with an admixture of her own traits enough to pull that off

Make no mistake; I’m really totally rooting madly for Sarah Palin. I’m hoping she continues to energize those who think that they really won last time. If not that, that it was stolen from them for whatever reason.

You know like, that Obama was born in Kenya or on DENEB IV. That he’s “really a Moslem.” As if that were illegal. Better yet, that he’s an accomplished time traveler who went back to plant his birth certificate and birth announcement then came back and took over the country! Or that “The South Will Rise Again” or whatever.

Really, I don’t care what they believe. (I know why they believe-see “Echo Chamber” above.) I just so want her to be the GOP’s next nominee in my very bleeding heart of bleeding hearts.

She’ll lose in a landslide and hopefully destroy the GOP so that we can get on with the business of having a civilization.

The GOP is never going to be able to kick the religious nuts, racists, neo-confederates, dictatorial billionaires and the rest of the crazies it's in bed with to the curb.

The GOP knowingly and lovingly wrapped it’s legs around all of these groups right after Goldwater’s deserved defeat in sixty four.

It's been humping them madly ever since while promising each and every group hellacious progeny and bloody total vengeance upon its foes until it reached the point that it could launch us into an illegal war, soil our reputation, imperil our constitution while totally devastating our economy and our lives.

They are the GOP. It's all that's left.

Government by a fanatical, ignorant but well heeled Right Wing minority at it's best.

Like all the other noxious bubbles we’ve seen of late, it’s time to pop this one and stop coddling it's practitioners..

Some other party will rise to take the GOP’s place when it doesn’t reform itself.

Hopefully, it will be the Greens, but more likely it will be some cleaned up version of conservatism which will, slowly and over time, reach out for the same corrupting elements that conservatism always reaches out for. Since conservatism is derived from worshiping absolute power in the form of the French King’s ass, this cycle has repeated many times before.

Some point out that there is a slim chance that Palin could win the Presidency. To them I point to the bumper sticker that’s already out there: “Palin for President 2012-2013+1/2”

The Echo Chamber at full bloom marches on.

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