Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm a fairly lousey blogger


Well, I'm back. I don't have much to put in here, but wanted to show up even if to just to say "Hello" to anyone who may happen by.

I've had a rather long stretch of awful life circumstances starting in July 2008 that hasn't quite ended yet. I hope that when I get to the other side of this, I'll be able to come here more often and more productively. I'm afraid I'll never be a good computer user, though.

That being said, A President Was Killed the Last Time Right-Wing Hatred Ran Wild Like This.

That being John F. Kennedy, who was gunned down in Dallas, of course.

I've been thinking a lot of Kennedy and Dallas as I've watched the increasingly violent rhetorical attacks on Obama be unfurled. As Americans yank their kids of class in order to save them from being exposed to the President of the United States who only wanted to urge them to excel in the classroom. And as unvarnished hate and name-calling passed for health care 'debate' this summer.

Link to Truthout:

Of course it's much worse today with Fox and Fiends spreading hate all over the country.

Keep up the fight and have a good night.

Old Pinko

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