Friday, January 16, 2009

Bush the Lie.

I watched Bush’s farewell speech. Just to fulfill my worst expectations of him, I watched Bush’s last attempt to bully or bullshit us all into thinking he’s anything near being a competent human.

Self satisfied frat boy to the end, surrounded by the cabana boys and umbrella girls who toadied up to and milked him at everyone else' expense since their days as the second best children of the reactionary power elite idly waiting assignment to yet another family show job, Bush smugly recounted his "success's" and "steadfastness" not realizing that the country had long ago gotten over his confusion of glossy photo ops and churlish stubbornness.for actual achievements.

George Bush, unprosecuted, unpunished, unrepentant and totally unaware of his dumblatude and stupidicide-to use words he might grasp-will sail off on the oil of his own unexamined hubris to bask in the shiny accolades given freely by that same small circle of those he fattened at great cost to the rest of the world.

It is not so much that Bush lies, and lies a lot; it is that he is a lie, completely self sufficient compartmentalized, fiction swaddled from infancy by the money, effort and misery of others.

An afterlife will have to be called up to envision any just reckoning for such inhumane indifference to others.

History too will have it’s say; pity though, we all know he’s too lazy to read it and too dull to comprehend it.

Good riddance.
Ms. Huffington agrees.

"Thursday night's valedictory speech was quintessential Bush: delusional from beginning to end."
Who's Gonna Build Your Wall by Tom Russell

In closing, we all must remember that Republican Conservatives never, ever change.

Here's a little ditty from the last Conservative Republican Great Depression to remind us.

"America Ain’t America Any More (1937)
Lyrics by Leo Rifkin, Dave Shaw and Frank Tarloff
Music by Jennie Fogel

America ain’t America any more.
That’s what this committee’s meeting for.
The foreigners from the other side are driving us to ruin.
We’d better be more careful or they’ll own the country soon.
What used to be a melting pot is now an old spittoon –
America ain’t America any more.

It started back in 1776 –
We lost the country to the Bolsheviks.
It wasn’t quite so bad then, considering how things went.
We had our Huey Longs and they were really heaven sent.
But ever since a certain guy became the president,
America ain’t America any more.


If you see un-Americans
Snooping far and near –
Just Alkalize with Martin Dies
And they will disappear.
Yes, Alkalize with Martin Dies
And they will disappear.


This country’s really getting out of joint.
The WPA’s* a case in point.
The “W’s” for the wagrants whom we have wined and dined.
The “A” is for the aliens who should have stayed behind.
The “P”?
The “P” must stand for something, but it somehow slips my mind.
America ain’t America any more.

Repeat Interlude

America ain’t America any more.
Communism’s knocking at our door. (Knock, knock)
You’ll find them in he AFL and in he CIO –
They might turn up in any place, just where you’ll never know.
And Karl Marx has three brothers doing work for RKO!
America ain’t America any more.

Repeat Interlude"
Good night. It's only four more days 'till we de-schmuck the country.

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