Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rod Blagojevich the big Ho Hum and Other Mean Things.

Let's face it, the Rod Blagojevich media circus is the Nicole Smith circus of the political world.

Frankly, who cares? The guy's allegedly a crook who abused his office.

He got impeached for this and for other long standing issues. So?

We've found monumental crooks all over the financial, banking and business world, yet we focus on this pathetic side show?

It only shows you that the media can always be counted on to try to shift our attention onto a chump change side show-with a Democrat in it.

This instead of keeping their eyes on the mega crooks who've driven us into this ditch while still self righteously paying themselves bonuses while still asking us for some more no-strings attached dole continue to abuse.

Shameful, but typical.

As for the Republicans opposing, in Zombie fashion the stimulus package that President Obama bent too far over backwards to make pleasing in your eyes, the party's over boys.

The jig is up.

Let me get this straight, it's the Democrats fault that the Republicans let the Republicans steal all the money and if the Democrats try to stop the Republicans from stealing even more money, the Republicans say it will lead to the Republicans being able to steal even more money?

Is that what you're telling me Mr. McConnell?

Well, bunky, I ain't buying it, and neither is anyone else anymore.

Goodnight to right wing solutions and "bipartisanship" that means we bend over and hike up our skirts.

We gave you a chance to help, you refused. Now, get out of the damn way!

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