Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chris Matthews once again.

This is going to be a short one that may be followed by another post, but this just needs to stand alone.

Chris Matthews once again showed tonight that he is a complete zit.

Throughout tonight's program, he pretended not to know the difference between campaign contributions from individuals and groups who like your stances, and a quid pro quo..

It was so insulting to watch. Of course, guest after guest. Much more intelligent than Matthews never sought to school the screamer in this easy to understand distinction.

If you stand for working people, worker's rights, woman's gay, disabled and minority rights, the people interested in supporting them too will send you money. Just like the NRA, The Business Roundtable, the Chamber of Commerce, Eagle Forum, Right to Life groups and others and right wing billionaires will send money to Conservative Republicans.

However, when you say-no matter what party-that you will or will not vote for something contingent on getting a contribution, home repairs, a blow job or anything else, it's a crime.

Our Hero Chris, though, the one who deigns to lecture any and everyone who he decides to scream at, pretended to not be able to discern this simple difference.


He also had the nerve to ask an Illinois legislator "How can a guy this smart get into a situation like this!" This question in the face of the entire Wall Street, Chicago Boy Economics club, Trickle Down, Investor Class, "Cream of the Crop" looting the economy and paying themselves bonus's to do so?

It's no longer a question of what planet he comes from, it's what galaxy.

It's still called "Hardball" too.

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